Triple “T” Tall Fescue Blend


Tall Fescue varieties providing a drought tolerant turf capable of surviving in full sun or shade. This dense turf will flourish under high stress and wear environments where common mixtures may struggle. Will also germinate in warmer temperatures, especially in late spring plantings.

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34% Aztec II Tall Fescue
33% Caesar Tall Fescue
33% Honkytonk Tall Fescue


Seeding Rate: 10 lbs / 1000 Sq. Ft. – 425 lbs / Acre

•100% Elite Tall Fescue varieties
•Excellent drought and shade tolerances
•Over seed where Tall Fescue Introduction is wanted
•Rapid Establishment


Enhanced Seed Technology Treatment Applied – All Seed Enhanced with a 50% Treatment

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