3-D Sod Water Steward Blend

100% Turf grass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) Approved drought tolerant Bluegrass Blend.  The varieties used in 3-D Sod Water Steward Blend are backed by science and have been selected by a peer group review process.  This cutting-edge research has now set the standards for drought tolerant varieties that stay green longer in drought, and recover faster when coming out of dormancy.  Couple these strong water saving attributes with the known 3-D Sod turf quality standards.   Water is the driver of the turf grass industry.

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•Water Conserving Sod – Reduced Water Use
•Varieties Selected/Approved By TWCA
•Meets TWCA Sod Specifications
•Backed by Scientific Research
•High Quality Sod Traits
•It’s your turn to become a Steward of the environment