Tall Fescue Blue Mix


Tall Fescue mixed with a Kentucky Bluegrass will provide all the benefits of an Elite Tall Fescue Blend, with added characteristic of being able to fill in voids. The Kentucky Bluegrass is designed to spread into open areas of the turf that would typically have to be re seeded on standard Tall Fescue Blends.

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40% Aquavita Tall Fescue
40% Aztec II Tall Fescue
20% Waterworks Kentucky Bluegrass


Seeding Rate: 6 lbs / 1000 Sq. Ft. – 250 lbs / Acre

•Does well in sandy soils and provides good turf qualities
•Produces a dark green color turf
•Bluegrass in mixture allows for self-repair
•Fast Establishment attributes


Enhanced Seed Technology Treatment Applied – All Seed Enhanced with a 50% Treatment

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