3-D Sod Hybrid Blend

A combination sod blend that includes Enhanced Seed Technology™ seed and the industry standard RAW Seed. Reduce your input costs and increase your results at the same time. How often do you have an opportunity to increase results and reduce cost at same time? Increasing seedling survivability in marginal growing conditions is the key to uniform turf grass stands. 3-D Sod Hybrid Blend has a combination of Enhanced Seed Technology couple with the standard RAW seed. A great way to experience the attributes of Enhanced Seed Technology while still maintaining a level of RAW Kentucky Bluegrass seed in the blend.

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•Reduce Your Blend Cost By 10%
•Increasing Germination & Seedling Survival Rates
•Blending New Technology with Old
•Increased results – Increased Profits
•Picking Up Where Mother Nature Left Off
•Enhanced Seed Technology